Fall recipes… Shepherd’s Pie

I very much enjoy cooking for the season with what’s in season.  For a potluck I had, I made shepherd’s pie- I used potatoes, carrots & onion that were just harvested.  I also added corn that I’d frozen from the summer crops, so this was locally grown, but not quite in season…  The only non-local/non-harvested  veggie ingredient were the peas.  I know, I’m sorry…I promise to shell peas next time!

Anyway, here was my adventure in Shepherd’s Pie…I didn’t use a recipe, I went from my memory of the dish I had when I was in Ireland, so I’ll summarize what I did & what I would do differently…

Ingredients: (for a double-batch/10 ppl)

Veggies: about 5 large potatoes, 3 large carrots, 1 onion, 1/2 cup peas, 1/2 cup corn

Dairy: 1 stick butter, milk, heavy cream

Misc: salt, pepper & other various spices from my cabinet


-Wash (thoroughly) & dice the potatoes into large chunks, place in pot of water that is filled up just about to the top of the potatoes

-Cook potatoes until tender & drain water out

-Mash potatoes with a wire potato masher over very low heat, add in butter (about a stick), cream (about 1/2 a small carton), milk (about a cup), salt (at least a tablespoon) & garlic (couple cloves, mashed) until tastes good!

-Cover mashed potatoes & set aside off the burner

-Next, wash & dice your carrots & onion

-Put a little olive oil in the pan & saute the carrots lightly, then add in your onions- saute until lightly browned- DO NOT FULLY COOK!! 

-Add 2 pounds ground turkey to carrots & onions, add spices, peas, corn & about a 1/2 cup vegetable broth, cook until turkey no longer pink

-Pour contents of pan into a large casserole dish 

-Spread mashed potatoes about 1/2 inch thick across top of mixture

-Just before you are ready to serve, put in oven (uncovered) for about 20 minutes to warm & potatoes get lightly browned

And last, but not least…allow dogs to lick the dishes (if you want/have dogs)…

They may get a little mashed potato remnants on their nose, though!

Lessons learned/suggestions:

-Add more garlic (I only used maybe a clove) & add cheese to mashed potatoes for taste!

-Do not use lean turkey meat- it didn’t have enough flavor!!  Maybe do cubed or shredded turkey instead.  Ground tofu could have worked well, too.

-Add more spices (i.e. Worcestershire sauce, Paprika, poultry seasoning)  & add turkey gravy or chicken broth, instead of vegetable.


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