Fun with Frosting Friday…tennis/golf cake!

I made this cake for a golf pros and tennis gals themed party of mine a number of years ago.  Admittedly, it was not my best cake (looks-wise), but it was still pretty darn cute!

How it was made:

-Made a cake in a very large rectangular pan, baked, allowed to cool

-Cut out the racquet & golf club shapes (connected) out of the cake & two round circles for the “tennis ball” and “golf ball”

-Spread white frosting over all the cut-out pieces (except the tennis ball), decorated handle/bottom of club & racquet outline with decorators gel

-Scooped out about 1/2 a cup of white frosting into a bowl & added yellow food coloring, then decorated tennis ball with the yellow frosting & decorating gel

-Sliced pieces of Twizzlers for the racquet strings

Voila- a tennis/golf cake!

Now for a cake I’d like to make…

Baby bump

I have a number of friends who are pregnant right now, so when I saw this cake it cracked me up.  My thinking is that it is boarder-line inappropriate to make for a baby shower, but what do you think?  Funny or poor taste….or depends on the mother-to-be’s sense of humor?


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