Potluck ideas… 3 cheese mac & cheese with butternut squash!

Mmmm mmm was all I heard from those who noshed on this dish that I made for a potluck over the weekend.  I had this recipe in my head, but I couldn’t find it on-line, so I combined a couple & made up my own!  Thankfully, it turned out well!

3 cheese mac & cheese with butternut squash


3 cheeses of your choice (I did caramelized onion cheddar, sharp cheddar & gruyer)

1 box small elbow macaroni

Butter, Cream, Milk

1 butternut squash


-Start a pot of water w/a teaspoon olive oil (to prevent sticking), wait until it comes to a boil, dump box of small elbow macaroni in, cook until very al dente (not mushy & somewhat hard still).  Drain & set aside.

-Grate cheeses (I shredded all the gruyer, all the sharp cheddar & 3/4 of the caramelized onion cheddar)-In a large pot, melt 1/2 a stick of butter, then add a tablespoon of flour

-Stir until smooth & lumps are out- add a little more butter if you need to

-Then add about a 1/2 cup of milk & 1/2 cup cream

-Stir liquids at medium heat until thickens -Once all the lumps are out, slowly stir in the grated cheese & about a tablespoon salt & a dash of any other spices you feel would be tasty (i.e. pepper, paprika, mustard, etc).

-Add a little more cream/milk/cheese as needed or until the sauce is smooth, creamy & tastes like cheesy goodness!

-Mix in noodles to sauce & set aside covered (on unlit burner).

-Wash & slice up butternut squash into large bite-sized pieces (make sure to scoop out seeds & slice off shell).-Saute the butternut squash pieces on medium heat with some olive oil.  Once cooking in the pan for a few minutes, add about a tablespoon of maple syrup, continue to saute until almost mushy, but lightly browned.

-Add butternut squash to large pot of mac & cheese on a very low heat, stir in a little cream if needed (if cheese congealed a little).

-Put contents of the pot into a large casserole dish & sprinkle a little grated cheese onto the top.  Warm in oven (covered or will dry out) right before you serve it.  

This was absolutely delicious, but lessons learned/recommendations:

1. Cook/saute the butternut squash FIRST, as allowing the mac & cheese to sit made it congeal too much & it didn’t mix in as easily

2. Option 2 w/cooking butternut squash- cook in its shell in the oven until able to scrape out of its shell, then saute in maple syrup in a pan until lightly browned

3. Try not to make this the day before (aka don’t refrigerate)… having to fully warm the dish causes it to lose a little of its creamy goodness & get a little dry…and do not cook in the oven uncovered

4. If you want some protein with this dish, maybe add a little turkey bacon?



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3 responses to “Potluck ideas… 3 cheese mac & cheese with butternut squash!

  1. Emily C

    This is the recipe I have always used:

    As an alternative to heavy cream/whole milk, I used 1% or skim milk and it still tastes delicious. Also Cabot extra sharp cheddar is a must.

  2. Veronica

    This looks delish! Can’t wait to try it!

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