Things to do….. festivals (and hike) updates!

Well, I am rather proud to say that I WAS able to do it all last weekend, and then some!


Hike I’d really recommend:  Molly Stark Balcony in Mad River Glen, part of the Long Trail.  The hike is 2.6 miles (round-trip) & a really pretty hike.  The terrain isn’t easy (lots of ups/downs & some climbing up rocks), but is just challenging enough.  Make sure to have good hiking shoes/boots that are able to grip rocks and bring lots of water.  The hike is only a couple hours & highly recommended.

With the fall foliage, this hike was gorgeous!  Check out the view from one of the look-outs:


Siptemberfest @ Mad River Glen:

This festival was fun, but it would have been a lot more fun had we not just missed the single chair up to the top of Mad River Glen to get a glimpse of the foliage (thankfully we got our fix hiking) and had they not sold out of beer tasting tickets….Next year!!The festival was still fun & you were still able to hang out in/outside the Mad River Glen lodge.  Beer was still available for sale & there was food, too.  They sold pulled pork (which I hear was tasty, though the bun was a big soggy) and veggie burgers in a pita pocket with tahini sauce.  The veggie burger was awesome!  My friends and I still had fun running into people we knew, listening to the band play, and noshing on the food.  

Finally…..Stowe Oktoberfest

My friends and I were really excited about this festival, but we were unfortunately rather disappointed…

Disappointment #1: we got lost.  We had a vague idea of where the venue was, but the signage was quite poor.  There was one sandwich board in downtown Stowe advertising the festival & a green Oktoberfest parking sign.  We missed them both, due to traffic & people walking on the sidewalks in front of them.  A banner or big sign would have been helpful.

Disappointment #2: we were practically the youngest ones there.  We went into the arena and while we understood that it was the second day of the festival, it was nothing like we imagined.  There were very few vendors, we had to pay to get in & didn’t get anything for it (i.e. beer ticket, etc) and then had to pay quite a lot for the beer tasting, food, etc.  There were long tables set up, covering most of the space, so it was clear that the Oktoberfest was mainly about eating & listening to the band…We had a little more in mind.

One good thing about Oktoberfest: the band.  We only stayed for a short time, but the band sounded great!

Thankfully, Stowe has a lot more to offer than just their Oktoberfest!  My friends and I had a great time at the Stowe Farmer’s Market:

After the Farmer’s Market, we hit up a restaurant- The Whip Tavern for lunch/dinner at The Green Mountain Inn.  All three of the courses we chose were delicious (especially their pumpkin soup)!  The restaurant was priced reasonably, the service was friendly, the booths were comfortable & the ambiance was warm.

Notes for next year:

-Get Mad River Glen Siptemberfest tickets before they sell out

-Don’t bother with the Stowe Oktoberfest, but definitely go to the Stowe Farmer’s Market and maybe the Oktoberfest parade.


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