Fun with Frosting Friday… Hot Dog!

Well hot dog, it’s finally Friday!  Today I’m showcasing a cake I did for a BBQ…

How I made the Hot Dog:

-Made a chocolate cake in a large round pan, allowed to cool fully once cooked

-Cut the cake into 3 pieces, rounded the edges & top edges of the middle piece, then put them back together

-In a 3 small bowls, add a little yellow food coloring to white frosting, red food coloring in another dish, and green in the 3rd dish

-Spread the yellow frosting on the “bun” portions of the cake & chocolate frosting on the “hot dog” portion of the cake

-With a frosting bag & tips, I spread the red to look like ketchup and green to look like relish.  For the “mustard” I used yellow gel frosting.  Here’s a good/inexpensive brand of frosting decorating tips: You can also buy them at Michaels, though, for about the same price.

Now a cake I’d like to make: A Campfire Cake!

Okay, okay, I know this is a little more of a “summer” cake, but I still love a good campfire in the fall!  Pretty cute & looks tasty, huh?

How to make this cake:

******P.S. check out the new “My Work” page with the latest of my jewelry making!*******


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