Things to do… Teddy Roosevelt Day

As most of you know- I am here, there & everywhere most weekends.  I love going to local events, shows & fun places, so one of my wonderful friends gave me the suggestion to blog about what I’m up to or what others could go do!  What a great idea!

Teddy Roosevelt Day

I apologize, I did not think to post this event on my blog, so you’ll just have to come to the event next year- Teddy Roosevelt Day up on Isle La Motte, VT!  It was a beautiful day full of live music, a farmers market, food, a parade, and some speeches- including Teddy (a local impersonator)!

So what is Teddy Roosevelt Day? It is an annual celebration of our past president who was known for his conservation efforts.  Roosevelt was an avid bird-watcher, naturalist, and set aside more than 230 million acres of land in America to remain natural.

Why is there a Teddy Roosevelt Day on Isle La Motte? Well, Isle La Motte is a community who is also proud of its natural resources- it is home to the oldest coral reef in the world.  The community celebrates all of Roosevelt’s efforts to preserve land for all to enjoy.  The main connection Isle La Motte has to Teddy Roosevelt, though, is that he was staying at Fisk Farm on the island when he got the call from Washington that President McKinley had been shot & he was to take office.

Here are some photos taken at the events…Beautiful day at the Goodsell Ridge Preserve.

Live music!

Blessings were made by a local Native American.

And of course can’t forget about Teddy Roosevelt, who made an appearance, too!


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