Homes…Woodland House!

I posted this website/image on my Facebook page a number of months ago, so for those of you who have already seen it, sorry!  I just had to share it with you because it is just such a fun house!  Doesn’t this place just look like it’s straight out of Lord Of The Rings?!  It’s actually a low-impact, eco-conscious house located in Wales (England).  There is even a website on how the builder created it:

I think it looks so cozy inside!  I’d just love to curl up on that couch in front of the stove with a good book!  Hmm maybe some Tolkein?

*************On a personal note, I’ve noticed that I’ve almost completely lost my readers…. I’ve been trying to post often & have tried to choose interesting/fun things…. Please let me know if you’d like: to see more/less of certain posts, want me to show more of what I am doing or actually create, just want me to stick to 2-3 topics?  Let me know!!*******************



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6 responses to “Homes…Woodland House!

  1. Emily Leibowitz

    Love this cosy hobbit dwelling!

  2. Emily Leibowitz

    Hey Molls, I think more cool events that are going on in Vermont local and even day trip stuff would be neat!

  3. Laura Baldini

    I really want to see the inside of the camper picts!!!!!! xoxoxo your awesome!! Happy thanksgiving!!

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