Fun With Frosting Friday….Beach Party!

On this rainy Friday I think we are all dreaming of nicer weather… So, to help your imagination wheels turn I’m going to showcase a cake I made for my friend’s birthday- a beach party!  


Box Teddy Grams

Gummy Life Savers

Drink umbrellas

Chocolate or vanilla cake mix (and the ingredients that are necessary for making it)

Plastic zip-lock bag

Chocolate & vanilla frosting

How I made this cake:

-Baked a standard chocolate cake in a round pan, allowed to fully cool

-Mixed a small bowl of vanilla frosting (about a cup) with blue food coloring & applied it to half of the cooled cake

-Applied chocolate frosting to the other half of the cake

-Took about a cup of Teddy Grams & put into zip-lock bag.  Crushed the Teddy Grams fully with a cooking hammer, until almost a powder (to look like sand)

-Sprinkle the “sand” on the chocolate frosting side of the cake

-Decorate the cake with some Teddy Grams placed in the Gummy Life Savers & open a few umbrellas

Cake I want to make…a farm! I probably should have posted this cake & cupcakes with the sheep/cow, but oh well.  How cute is this?!I love doing cakes that are cakes AND cupcakes!

Directions on how to make the farm cake:


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