Flower vases- from recycled bottles!

Over the weekend I did some renovations to my outside porch.  Amidst decorating (post-renovation), I realized that I didn’t have any flower vases that I was quite wiling to put out outside (we get some pretty strong winds).  While I was pondering what to use, I took out the recycling & then stopped, realizing that my old beer and wine bottles would work perfectly!

I decided that it would be a lot classier to take the labels off, so here’s how I prepped my lovely vases:

First I filled a large pot with water half-way & put it on the stove until it was almost to a boil (I saw those tiny little bubbles coming up).

Second, put the bottles in the pot & let them soak for at least a half hour to an hour.  Make sure the bottles are totally submerged… to do this, fill the bottles up w/water (prevents them from floating/weights them down).  You’ll know if they are ready if the labels peel off easily.  If not, let them soak longer.  I will have to note, I had to give up on one bottle, as the label was just too stuck on there, no matter how long it soaked.  Not sure what glue that company used- ick!

As you see from the picture (above), the labels are stuck on with glue, so you’ll need to get that off & it doesn’t always come off with the label.  I was able to get it off with just a scrubbing sponge.  There are some “goo-gone” solves that you can buy, if you are adamant about having a clean bottle or don’t have luck with a scrubber.  The scrubbing sponge worked great for me, though.  Note: razor blades risk scratching the bottle & are not suggested.If you want to add a little pizazz to your “vases” you can do a little decoupage or wrap ribbon around them.  I liked them pain, though.  Since the bottle necks are small, you can only fit a few flowers.  With a number of them, I think it can be a very pretty display for any table, porch, floor… wherever you feel needs a little color!

Total cost of the project: $0 (unless you want to count the initial cost of the beer/wine…that all depends on your taste!)

Recycled flower vases don’t need to stop with wine/beer bottles- Mason jars work great, too!

p.s. Wine bottles can make great candle holders, too!  You can buy some cool wine cork candles to fit on the top…how cool are theses?! http://www.uncommongoods.com/item/item.jsp?itemId=12841


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