Fun With Frosting Friday…Das boot!

Ooooo I get so excited about Fun with Frosting Friday!

The cakes I make are typically made with cake mix and frosting.  I don’t use fondant or any super fancy tools that would need to be specially ordered.  The cakes I make are for fun & often are created with things that can just simply be found in the grocery store and (almost) anyone could make.

Here is a cake I made for my oldest brother’s birthday that was fun & simple to make:

A Boot!

Instructions: I made a chocolate cake in a large rectangular pan, then cut the boot shape out of the cake (once it had cooled) with a sharp knife.  I then decorated the top (boot) with chocolate frosting.  The laces were yellow fruit leather that I cut into thin pieces (and then crossed to look like laces).  The grass is vanilla frosting with green food coloring and I sprinkled some green decorating sugar on top of it, just to add a bit of texture.  I also added some green fruit leather coming out of the grass patch, to look like grass was surrounding the boot’s bottom.  I had some extra cake leftover (from cutting the boot out), so I made a small cake, decorated with candy confetti, to put the candles on.

Another birthday cake idea that I think would be a real hit with kids would be this cake…it just cracks me up!

Cookie Monster!

Instructions: cook up a cake mix (of your choice) in a large oval pan.  When the cake is cooked & out of the oven, set the cake aside to fully cool (there is nothing worse than melted frosting….ick!)  While you are waiting for the cake to cool, mix up 2 containers of vanilla frosting with some blue food coloring in a mixing bowl.  Once the cake has fully cooled, spread the blue frosting over the cake, leaving a section open for the mouth.  To get the texture of Cookie Monster’s fur, flip the frosting knife up at the end of the stroke, instead of down.  For the mouth, glob on chocolate frosting.  I can’t quite tell what the eyeballs are made out of from the photo, but it looks like you could make them out of marshmallows & attach eyes (2 M&M’s) with frosting.  Stick a couple chocolate chip cookies in his mouth & voila, you’re done!   Enjoy & have a great weekend!


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