Labor Day Grilling (results)

I said I would & I did…grill, that is!  Over the weekend I had a BBQ and made the grilled zucchini roll-ups (see Sept 1 post).  Here is how they came out:

First I cut up the zucchini into strips (about 1/2 an inch thick) and lathered a thin layer of olive oil over both sides.  I then popped them on the grill until they were somewhat soft.

After grilling, I spread pesto & herbed goat cheese on one side.  The zucchini from our garden I sliced was rather large, so I actually wish I’d bought more goat cheese… Anyhoo, I then gently rolled the zucchini:

Some of the zucchini were easier to roll up than others, due to thickness and/or length of time on the grill!

After all were rolled, I put them on some aluminum foil & popped them into the oven for a few minutes, just to warm the goat cheese.  They turned out to be pretty tasty!  Success!

Things I would have done differently:  cut the zucchini up into thinner slices, added some sun-dried tomatoes (like the recipe actually called for…) or even a sun-dried tomato pesto would have added a bit more flavor, spread on a tiny bit more goat cheese, and lastly I would have warmed them (post-roll) on the grill  or broiled instead of baking in the oven  to get them a little more crispy and less smooshy.


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