Fun with Frosting Friday…Cow & Sheep Cakes!

If any of you have been to a party I’ve hosted, you know that I LOVE making themed cakes & cupckes!  Rather than do a huge posting of all the cakes I’ve done over the years (I’ve done MANY), I think I’ll showcase a different cake every Friday…I’ll call it Fun with Frosting Friday!!  I’ll post one that I’ve done (and how I made it) & one that I think would be cool to make.

The first posting will actually be TWO cakes…they were served together for the theme/going away party I had when I moved up to Vermont.

This cake was a sheep decorated with mini marshmallows for wool (on top of frosting, to help it stick), mini chocolate chips for the face/inside the ears/feet, mini candy eggs for the eyeballs, and colored malt balls for the nose & mouth.  I apologize for the poor quality of this photo!

And of course because I was moving to Vermont, I had to make a cow!

Instructions: Both the sheep and cow had their bodies made from a chocolate cake mix in 2 round pans (then stacked on top of each other), the feet are cupcakes & their ears are  cupcakes cut in half.  Chocolate & vanilla frosting then spread over the bodies.  The cow’s mouth & inside the ears was red fruit leather.  The cow’s eyes were chocolate malt balls and the nose nostrils were raisins.  (See above for how I decorated the sheep). **When making themed cakes, it is important to improvise & use what you have/find for decorating, as you won’t always be able to find all the decorations the recipe asks for.**

Here is the recipe & instructions I used:

I have to share this very sad photo…I made the mistake of putting the cakes outside on my porch to cool/stay out of the way as I was cleaning & either a squirrel or chipmunk (we didn’t actually catch the culprit) decided that the cow looked pretty tasty!  Apparently the critter didn’t like the marshmallows, though, since the sheep was thankfully untouched.  Alas, sadly the cow was never enjoyed by humans…

Now for a cake I’d like to make for a party…

How cute is this little guy?!  From the instructions this crocodile (or if you live in VT it could be Champ!) actually doesn’t look all that difficult, either!

The body is created by cutting up a Bundt cake…how creative!

Here is the link to how to do it:

**Have a safe, fun & creative Labor Day!!**


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One response to “Fun with Frosting Friday…Cow & Sheep Cakes!

  1. Cindy Weed

    I have the BEST chocolate cake recipe, FYI.

    It’s a Depression Cake recipe. Hmmm.

    A standard at the Weed Farm for those family birthdays.

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