Crafting fun… jewelry!

This summer I decided to try out jewelry making & have been really enjoying it thus far!  I think I’ve gotten earrings down…(here area  few examples, though I’ve given a number to friends/family that I sadly didn’t take photos of)

This weekend I decided to try making wrapped stone necklaces & pendants.  I got the idea from a craft show.  The necklaces & earrings that a woman had for sale I decided were much too expensive & I thought “hey, I can do that!”… so I did!

I bought the supplies at Michaels & collected some stones from the beach:

(note: 24 gauge wire thread really works best, as it is very malleable)

Here are some of the necklaces & pendants I made.  I had the suggestion (from my father) to get a tumbler to smooth out the stones, so I may look into it.  I really like the almost primitive look of the stones, metal & leather together, though.

The stone on the left in the bottom photo is actually a piece of fossil I collected & you can see little shells in it!

I already sold the red necklace to a friend, so I am now thinking of making a bunch & possibly selling them at the local Farmer’s Market or craft shows… Need to think of a fun name, though.  Any suggestions?


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  1. Emily

    primitive pieces or primitive yet pretty!

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