Local Spotlight…some amazing stonework

So I was browsing Facebook albums & saw some photos of work that a friend of mine did out at a house in VT.  From the photos it’s obvious that he’s a pretty skilled mason, so I had to share some of his work with you…Beer from a stone- how cool is that?!  According to him, the beer is kept at earth temperature in a 10 ft deep cystern/pit in the flour garden!  I soooo want this in my backyard some day….some day…



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3 responses to “Local Spotlight…some amazing stonework

  1. Great blog, Molz! BTW, this is Mike Miletich’s stone work. We’re good friends – he was my room mate at the cave!

    • Hi Courtney! Yes it is Michael’s work. I see him at Intervale Summer Thursday events & we chatted about this project. Hopefully he won’t mind that I posted his work. Do you know if he has a website for his company/other work?

  2. That’s right, the Intervale! He’s doesn’t have a website, he’s a word-of-mouth guy. If anyone is interested in talking to him they are welcome to get in touch with me (courtney.lightfoot@gmail.com). He’s work is unbelievable.

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